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Remote DBA Automation Strategy

Remote DBA uses a sophisticated set of proprietary scripts that will completely automate Oracle reporting, capacity planning and pre-outage alerts. By addressing the conditions that cause an Oracle outage before your database crashes, the probability of a databases outage is dramatically reduced. Our monitor software falls into several areas:

Tuning Reports - Our reports identify I/O problems at the object level and automatically perform caching operations. In addition, our Remote DBAs are alerted to potentially serious performance problems such as missing indexes.

Trend Reports - The trend reports are used to establish the baseline signature for the database. From this signature, exception reports will identify abnormal conditions. Trend reports are created for all major areas of the Oracle database including I/O, memory usage, CPU consumption and Oracle internal metrics.


Exception Reports - Our exception reports are e-mailed to the in-house manager daily. These reports show all times when the database is experiencing stress. Our reports go beyond ordinary Oracle monitoring and monitor the processing environment, reporting on CPU and RAM-related problems.

Capacity Planning Reports - These reports provide the in-house manager all of the the summary information from the prior week's activity. Weekly statistics reports show the total growth for the week and show all object activity within Oracle.

Automated Oracle Alerts -
These reports trigger a page to the on-call Remote DBA for immediate resolution. The alerts warn the on-call Remote DBA whenever a pending problem may cripple the database.







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